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Samurdi programme can be introduced as a development programme which centered the low income earning and low privileged family groups and community and act to eliminate their poverty and create a reasonable society to confirm their rights .

Promoting of livelihood economic development activities,food security confirming for the family,guiding the community for saving and maintaining micro financial bank system to supply people micro financial loan facilities to uplift their livelihood development,organizing people for a national level activities by promoting,developing physical and social infra structural facilities of people, implementing diriyapiyasa housing programme centering the family,implementing social security programmes,implementing scholarship programs for children of low income families,and organizing kekulu children societies and competitions to improve their talents,developing attitudes by implementing social development programmes,implementing samurdi subsidiary programme for low income families and participating to implement divineguma programme for organizing people for a national development activity like wise implement various programmes to develop from the person tofamily society and village by the samurdi programme.

Implementing Programmes

  • Bank programme
  • Savings activity - accepting savings,members,non members,groups,diriya matha,lama sisuraka,kekulu,compulsory.
  • Loan programme - self employment loans,housing loans,consumer loans,distress,Mihijaya,Kirula,Divineguma,Isura.
  • Social development programme
  • Diriya Piyasa housing programme
  • Anti narcotic programme
  • Children societies programme.
  • Social security programme.
  • Livelihood development programme.
  • Divineguma homegarden programme.
  • Samurdi subsidiary programme.

Samurdi programme implemented in 557 gramaniladari divisions in Colombo district by 42 bank societies employed 69 samurdi managers and 868 samurdi development officers for this purpose.

Divineguma Livehood Development Programme